Industrial gifts allow upgrades to SCSAM instrumentation

Two recent industrial gifts have allowed Case Western Reserve University’s Swagelok Center for Surface Analysis of Materials (SCSAM) to upgrade two of its major instruments.
Lubrizol has provided $65,000 to purchase a Vantec 500 2-D area detector for the Bruker Discover D-8 X‑ray diffractomer to replace the existing 20-year-old detector, which has now become obsolete. The new detector has the high speed and sensitivity of the original, but has better resolution, a higher dynamic range, and provides cleaner, higher quality 2-D diffractive patterns.

A second donation from Atotech has provided $200,000 to purchase an ASTAR NanoMEGAS upgrade for the FEI Tecnai 300 KeV TEM. This attachment allows for automated crystal orientation and phase and strain mapping, and is a great complement to automated collection of diffraction information available using EBSD on the FEI Nova SEM.
SCSAM is a multi-user analytical facility providing instrumentation for microstructural characterization of materials as well as surface and near-surface chemical analysis. Visit SCSAM’s website for additional information about the facility and available equipment.