Graduating Student Spotlight: Lindsey Ho

Student Spotlight: Lindsey Ho, Undergraduate 
Chemical Engineering 
Minors: Dance

Q: Why did you choose this area of study?

A: I have always loved math and science. However, once getting to college, I became enamored with turning materials into different innovative products based on their properties. Additionally, chemical engineering has many different applications in the real world!

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: Working for an engineering company!

Q: Why did you choose Case Western Reserve University?

A: I wanted to be able to study both of my interests in some form: engineering and dance! Additionally, I loved the smaller class sizes and interpersonal connections that could be made between classmates and professors and the general collaborative nature.

Q: What's your favorite memory of CWRU?

A: Being an OL for Orientation this past year- it was so great to see the community come back together after over a year apart and see traditions be revived!

Q: As a graduating student, what's one thing you'd like to share with incoming students?

A: If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and accomplish things one at a time! Additionally, lean on your friends and family for some extra encouragement!