Graduate student Will Huddleston wins ACerS student paper contest

Materials science research

Will Huddleston accepting his award
Will Huddleston, a materials science and engineering graduate student, won a student poster contest at the American Ceramic Society’s Electronic Materials and Applications Conference in January with a poster titled, “Freeze casting of LAGP for 3D textured solid-state structural electrolytes.” 

Huddleston works with the Case School of Engineering’s Electroceramics Group, a lab led by Alp Sehirlioglu, assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, that studies the processing-structure-property relationships in electronic ceramics with applications in energy conversion storage materials and 2-D behavior.

Huddleston’s paper focused on developing processing-structure-property relationships for freeze casting of Li1.5 Al0.5 Ge1.5 P3 O12 electrolyte material for all-solid-state structural lithium-ion batteries. This work sought to provide a textured 3-D electrolyte scaffold with large interfacial surface area for high power discharge and hierarchical porosity for accommodation of active material volume changes during electrochemical cycling.

The effects of freeze casting processing parameters on the microstructural development of the scaffolds, characterized through in-situ thermal imaging and scanning electron microscopy were reported. Slurry composition and casting parameters such as solids loading, casting speed, tape angle, and temperature gradients were modified to determine the impact on density and lamellar morphology for evaluation of final load bearing and energy storage performance.

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