CWRU student startup heads off to major competitions

smart city

Case Western Reserve University startup CrystalE is about to make some serious pitches—the student-run company will be vying for titles in the Clean Energy Trust Challenge and the Rice Business Plan Competition this spring.
The team will be introducing judges to their self-powered sensors for building monitoring. The sensors are capable of tracking data like temperature and humidity and reporting that information to a centralized computer system that can adjust lighting systems, heating and cooling accordingly to improve overall energy efficiency. 

The team will compete first at the Clean Energy Trust Challenge finals on April 12 in Chicago. Sponsored in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Clean Energy Trust Challenge is a national accelerator program for clean energy technology innovations.
CrystalE is also among 42 competitors vying for $1 million in funding at the Rice Business Plan Competition April 14-16. Hosted by Rice University’s Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, the competition is one of the world’s largest graduate-level student startups contests. You can cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award portion of the competition and learn more about the startups in the running.  
The team consists of Andrew Ritosa, Jonathan Colon and Swetha Rava, all earning their’s master’s degrees in engineering and management, and Xuqian Zheng, an engineering PhD student.