Computer and Data Sciences Department’s Erman Ayday receives NIH Grant

headshot of Erman Ayday

Erman Ayday, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer and Data Sciences was awarded a four-year grant in the amount of  $1.2  from the National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine, for a project entitled, “Privacy Challenges of Genomic Data-sharing Beacons and Solutions.”

The current, accepted standard for genome sharing, data-sharing beacon protocol, has been shown to be vulnerable against serious privacy threats. Currently, neither the beacon operators nor the genome donors can quantify these privacy risks and make informed decisions on data sharing.

Through his research, Ayday hopes to address these privacy concerns through the use of novel methods to identify and analyze such privacy vulnerabilities; quantify the privacy risk; and provide countermeasures to guide both parties, and hence increase the trustworthiness and usability of the genomic data-sharing beacons.