Co-Op Spotlight: Elitha Nkwera

Elitha Nkwera

Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Polymer Science and Engineering

  • Who are you co-oping with?

Peak Nano

  • Explain the details of your internship. 

I am a Research Engineering Co-op. I work with optic and capacitor films all day. I analyze various aspects of the film using scientific methods, gather data, and draw conclusions.

  • How did you find this opportunity? 

Through the co-op office. A special thanks to Genine Apidone.

  • What has been your favorite part?

My favorite part has been working with the incredible people at Peak Nano. They've instilled in me a solid foundation built on teamwork, kindness, and dedication. It's been the perfect introduction to the engineering workforce.

  • If another student asked you about co-op, what would you tell them?

A co-op is a golden opportunity, take it!

  1. Serves as a litmus test: It helps you discover what you like and dislike. Yes, you like engineering, but what is your vibe? Do you prefer working in a research lab, at a desk, or on a chemical plant?
  2. Gives you relevant technical and non-technical skills.
  3. Provides a reliable network: In my opinion, this is the most important aspect. The people you meet and interact with truly shape your experience. I've gained a lot of valuable insights and advice from professionals I look up to, which has been incredibly helpful for my career development.
  4. Honestly, a co-op offers a break from school and refreshes your perspective. Full-time school is mentally taxing, and you might find yourself on the brink of burnout before you know it. A co-op provides a new perspective and a glimpse into a possible future, which has helped me reignite my passion.