BME’s Anant Madabhushi awarded two patents

Anant Madabhushi, the F. Alex Nason Professor II of Biomedical Engineering and director of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics, has been awarded two U.S. patents.
U.S. patent 9,721,338 titled “Method and Apparatus for Segmentation and Registration of Longitudinal Images” describes an invention that provides systems and methods for detecting and segmenting a lesion from longitudinal, time series or multi-parametric imaging by utilizing spectral embedding-based active contour. In addition, the described invention further provides systems and methods for registering time series data by utilizing reduced-dimension eigenvectors derived from spectral embedding of feature scenes.

The co-inventor is Shannon Agner, a former graduate student of Madabhushi’s and currently a resident of pediatric neurology at the University of Washington in St Louis.
U.S. patent 9,767,555 titled “Disease Characterization from Fused Pathology and Radiology Data” describes an invention that provides methods and apparatus associated with distinguishing invasive adenocarcinoma from in situ adenocarcinoma. The technology involves using 3-D radiological image of a region of tissue and generating an invasiveness score. The approach involves using a set of 3-D histological reconstructions combined with the set of 3-D radiological images to carefully and spatially map disease extent on to the radiologic scans.
The co-inventor is Mirabela Rusu, a former postdoctoral fellow of Madabhushi’s and currently a research scientist at GE Global Research.

From The Daily (8/25/2017 and 9/8/2017)