In The News


CardioInsight, a company that developed a noninvasive way to map the electrical activity of the heart and licensed its technology from CWRU, is discussed in an article about technology transfer.


The Cleveland region has pioneered the manufacturing of medical imaging devices, with much technology developed at CWRU; university to host medical imaging equipment conference.


Malaria researchers at CWRU have developed a portable malaria detector that uses lasers and magnets to detect malaria. 


CWRU's Research ShowCASE was a massive display of the breadth of university research.


A portable malaria detector developed at Case Western Reserve University could provide test results in seconds.


CWRU researchers have adapted Raman imaging systems to demonstrate the technique's potential for spotting warning signs of dental cavities. 


A former CWRU graduate student won $100,000 in a national business competition to help fund the Cleveland-based biomed startup he co-founded, which is developing a test to rapidly diagnose malaria.


Projects at CWRU--America makes and the new data science program--are highlighted in a colum about the tech trends that make companies successful.


CWRU and CSU team to offer courses in a new curriculum where undergrad engineering and computer science students learn how to break--and then protect--hardware, software and data.


CWRU and CSU collaborate on new courses in cyber security.