In The News


CWRU engineering student Felipe Gomez del Campo displayed his jet engine fuel nozzle to the LaunchHouse Accelerator Expo. 


DARPA has funded a team, including CWRU, Cleveland Clinic, Draper Lab and others, to continue research to add the sense of touch to prosthetic hands. 


CWRU researcher has one-year grant to figure out how to improve upon current methods of detecting Ebola early enough so people with disease have better chance of surviving it. 


LaunchHouse's first gadget-focused boot camp graduates, including CWRU student Felipe Gomez del Camp, who invented a plasma-based fuel injection system for jet engines. 


CWRU and collaborators won a $4.4M DARPA award to improve a prosthetic hand that can feel.


Using technology created by CSE's Dustin Tyler, a collaborative national team of researchers will work together on a DARPA grant to speed development of a prosthetic hand that restores the sense of touch to amputees.


CSE's Jon Pokorski will present the fourth installment of Louisiana Tech University's New Frontiers in Biomedical Research series. 


CWRU startup Triple Analytics located its offices in one of the last spaces available in the Offices at the Agora, part of Cleveland's Health-Tech Corridor.


Anchor institutions like hospitals and universities are some of the country's largest employers and spur innovation, such as CWRU alum Chris Wentz's EveryKey company.


CWRU alum Chris Wentz talks about his creation, Everykey, a wristband that replaces keys and passwords.