In The News


The Lake Erie Energy Development Corp's project to develop offshore turbines on the lake includes CWRU as a partner to validate the design. 


CWRU and Cleveland Clinic aim to create anatomy curriculum that takes advantage of Microsoft's HoloLens, which would allow students to study life-size holograms of the body and its organs. 


CWRU student Felipe Gomez del Campo was recognized at a White House event as an emerging entrepreneur and took part in a panel discussion with "Shark Tank" investors. 


CWRU alum Chris Wentz utilized the on-campus business entrepreneurship office Blackstone Launchpad to help develop his EveryKey device. 


CWRU student Felipe Gomez del Campo was invited to a White House entrepreneurship event. 


CWRU student Felipe Gomez del Campo is set to receive a high honor from the White House for his entrepreneurship.


The White House is holding an event to celebrate the success of women and young entrepreneurs; CWRU engineering student Felipe Gomez del Campo is among those highlighted. 


CWRU and Virginia Tech are working together to create and test nanoparticles to treat blast injuries deep inside the body. 


Team NEO predicts a serious comeback in manufacturing jobs in the region, and CWRU's Chris Duston comments on the university's role in the process.


CWRU partnered with Microsoft on HoloLens, which has the potential to "revolutionize" medical education by bringing 3D content into the real world.