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The first version of Microsoft's virtual reality product HoloLens will be less about games and more about enterprise, for example its parternship with CWRU regarding anatomy education.


Microsoft released a video with partner CWRU showing how its virtual reality HoloLens can be used in the field of medicine.


The Northeast Ohio Makers Network is mapping out the capabilities of regional alliance members, including the heavily equipped think[box] at Case Western Reserve University.


Local startup Identify Sensors uses nanopoarticle technology developed in the lab of CSE's C.C. Liu, to detect dangerous explosive, weapons, chemicals or other hazardous material in shipping containers.


Microsoft's video showcases what iw will feel like to use its augmented reality helmet, HoloLens, through an anatomy lesson with partner CWRU.


Microsoft showed what it will actually feel like to wear its HoloLens augmented reality headset in a video released with partner CWRU. 


A video released by Microsoft in partnership with CWRU reveals how the augmented reality headset can be used in teaching medical anatomy. 


In a video filmed at CWRU, Microsoft shows off how its augmented reality helmet, HoloLens, is being utlizied in the medical industry. 


Microsoft's HoloLens, a virtual reality product, can be used to advance science and education, as it has with partner CWRU when teaching medicine. 


A Microsoft video with partner CWRU demonstrates the use of its virtual reality HoloLens in education.