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Dr. YeongAe Heo
Dr. Heo's Faculty Profile

Dept. of Civil Engineering
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Office: Bingham 225E
Email: yaheo at
W (216) 368-0455
F (216) 368-5229


Welcome to Professor Heo's Research Group

Last updated in July, 2019

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The 1st Session on Data-driven Models at ASME OMAE Conference

June, 2019

As a topic organizer of Structures, Safety and Reliability Symposium, Prof. Heo moderated a session on Data-driven Models at the 38th ASME International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE).

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US-Korea Joint Seminar on Aging Infrastructure Management

May, 2019

Prof. Heo and Dr. Mary Beth Hueste at Texas A&M were invited to US-Korea joint seminar on Aging Infrastructure Management hosted by the Sustainable Infrastructure Research Center at Korea Institute of Construction Technology. Three institutions, CWRU, TAMU, and KICT, discussed mutual research interests for a collaborative project on big data applications to create a paradign shift into innovative infrastructure management.

Samuel Shiau's Exit Seminar for her Master's Project

May 06, 2019

A BS/MS student of the SAFE C.I.T.I. Research LAB, Samuel Shiau successfully completed his Master's project on "3D Modeling for Validating Instrumented Asymmetric Multistory RC Buildings." Sam's first professional career will begin at IMEG Corp.

The 13th ICASP

May, 2019

Prof. Heo attended the 13th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP) and presented how sensitive the blast design load evaluation for vapor cloud explosions to ignition probability models for offshore process systems.


2019 Structures Congress

April, 2019

Prof. Heo presented in an IES (Innovative Executive Session) on Advances in Blast Resistant Design Methods and Mitigations at 2019 ASCE/SEI Structures Congress.

2019 GoMOSES Conference

February, 2019

Prof. Heo is invited to the session on Connecting the Relevant Scientific Research and Findings to Actionable Response Decision Making at the 2019 GoMOSES (Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science) Conference. Collaborating with Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and Gas Activated Systems Inc., Prof. Heo presented a conceptual framework for multidimensional coastal community resilience evaluation coupling with oil and gas leak risk mitigation approaches.

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Join the NSF ACES+Distinguished Lectureship at CWRU

October 01~03, 2018

Prof. Heo is hosting the NSF ACES+ Distinguished Lecture Series which will be held in October at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Mary Beth D. Hueste, Professor in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M will offer two lectures and a career forum as attached. Welcome to join the lecture series by filling out the online RSVP form.

Invited to Seoul Business Agency’s Seoul City Forum at UKC2018

August 02~03, 2018

Professor Heo was on the panel to discuss “How to Solve Problems in Cities through R&D of Science and Technology” at the Seoul City Forum of Seoul City Business Agency. Prof. Heo addressed increasing risks to urban cities due to climate change and infrastructure aging and increasing interdependencies. She also emphasized the importance of balanced attention to cyber security and disaster resilience of infrastructure systems for safer and smart future urban city planning.

CWRU Alumni News Highlighted Prof. Heo's Research

July, 2018

CWRU Alumni News released an article titled "Her ability to assess risks to critical infrastructure in an age of climate change makes YeongAe Heo a rising star in civil engineering."