Research Team

Robert Kirsch, PhD has been working with researchers at Brown University and Massachusetts General Hospital for nearly seven years, laying the groundwork for starting the study site in Cleveland.

When we ask patients their number one priority, they tell us they want to rub their nose and eyes,” Kirsch said. “It’s the simple things they can’t do. They rely on caregivers for everything, and these technologies could restore some independence.”



Primary and Co-Investigators

Robert Kirsch, PhD
Chair, Biomedical Engineering | Case Western Reserve University
Executive Director | Cleveland FES Center

Bolu Ajiboye, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering | Case Western Reserve University
Investigator | Cleveland FES Center

Jonathan Miller, MD
Director, Functional and Restorative Neurosurgery | University Hospitals
George R. and Constance P. Lincoln Endowed Chair | University Hospitals
Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery | Case Western Reserve University
Investigator | Cleveland FES Center

Benjamin Walter, MD
Associate Professor, Neurology | Case Western Reserve University
Director, Movement Disorder Center | University Hospitals
Investigator | Cleveland FES Center

Jennifer Sweet, MD
Neurological Surgeon | University Hospitals
Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery | Case Western Reserve University
Investigator | Cleveland FES Center




Research Staff

William Memberg, MS

Brian Murphy, PhD




Francis Willett

Daniel Young

D. Cale Crowder

Anisha Rastogi

Jessica De Abreu



CAUTION: Investigational Device. Limited by Federal Law to Investigational Use. The device is being studied under and IDE for the detection and transmission of neural signals from the cortex to externally powered communication systems, environmental control systems, and assistive devices by personas unable to use their hands due to physical impairment. The clinical trial is ongoing; results presented are thus preliminary. The safety and effectiveness of the device have not been established.