Innovation has a new home at Sears think[box]

YeongAe Heo wins the NASEM GRP Early-Career Research Fellowship

YeongAe HeoYeongAe Heo, assistant professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, has been selected as an early-career research fellow of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine’s Gulf Research Program.
These competitive awards are among a suite of program activities aimed at supporting the development of future generations of scientists, engineers, and health professionals prepared to work at the intersections of oil system safety, human health and well-being, and environmental stewardship in the Gulf of Mexico and U.S. outer continental shelf regions.

CWRU among world’s top 20 for innovation impact

ResearchCase Western Reserve University ranks 18th in the world in a new listing of institutions based on their contributions to innovation.
The results in Nature Index 2017 Innovation, a supplement to the esteemed multidisciplinary journal Nature, ordered universities and institutes based on citations of their research articles in other organizations’ patent documents.

Apply for the Sears think[box] Student Project Fund

Sears think[box]The Sears think[box] Student Project Fund has been renewed thanks to support from the Codrington Foundation, and Fran and Jules Belkin, to provide material support to students working on personal projects, team projects, design competitions, entrepreneurial activities and more.
Past funded projects include Beauty and the Bolt, fun and instructional videos on electronics, design, and fabrication; Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuator, flow control for improved aerodynamics using electric discharges; Rotating Electrode Electrochemical Alignment Device (REEAD), which automates mass-production of collagen threads for tissue repair; theatrical set design; a custom power meter for houses; a hybrid rocket test; a cryptographic payment system and more.

New Microsoft HoloLens app lets users examine renowned British art collections from anywhere in the world

Boulevard Arts app shows sculptureHolly Witchey traveled more than 3,200 miles in seconds—and speed wasn’t even the most impressive part of the feat.
Standing in the basement of a building on Case Western Reserve University’s campus, the adjunct professor of art history and art suddenly found herself standing in The Courtauld Gallery in London, close enough to touch several of its Impressionist masterworks.
Witchey’s extraordinary experience came courtesy of Boulevard Arts, a free app now available in the Microsoft HoloLens store. The app allows those wearing Microsoft’s mixed-reality headset to see 18 works from The Courtauld Gallery and the British Museum—no matter where they are in the world.

CWRU researcher awarded more than $4.7 million to develop drug-delivery nanotechnology

Nicole SteinmetzNicole F. Steinmetz, the George J. Picha Professor in Biomaterials, member of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and director of the Center for Bio-Nanotechnology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, has received two major grants from the National Institutes of Health to develop microscopic drug-delivery systems for patients living with breast cancer and those at risk for serious blood clots.
“Nanoparticle engineering is an evolving field, with enormous potential in molecular imaging and therapeutics. We are thrilled that the National Institutes of Health is supportive of this new frontier in medicine,” Steinmetz said.