Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The Bingham Student Workshop

The Bingham Student Workshop’s primary function is to provide the practical support for undergraduate courses, such as laboratory sessions for EMAE 172, and supervision for the practical elements of ‘Design and Make’ based courses. The Bingham Student Workshop (BSW) offers students access to a variety of types of engine lathes, Bridgeport mills, grinders, band saws, drill presses, as well as, oxy-acetylene, arc, and mig welding. The BSW also offers use of the well outfitted wood shop for student project use.

Students should schedule workshop time with the supervisor for access to the BSW. ‘Open Shop’ access periods will be provided for Graduate students, Faculty and Staff to use the facilities for work associated with their research activities. The ‘Open Shop’ times will be posted on the shop door (Bingham 3) at the beginning of each semester.

Undergraduate students, Graduate students, Faculty, and Staff interested in using the Bingham Student Workshop should follow the links below to review the BSW Access Policy and BSW Safety Notice to ensure that you are aware of the requirements needed to access the facility.

Click on thumbnails to view a larger image of the Bingham Student Workshop and EMAE 172 class projects.

Bingham Student Workshop 1Bingham Student Workshop 2Bingham Student Workshop 3Bingham Student Workshop 4