Department Chair


Daniel J. Lacks

C. Benson Branch Professor

Molecular simulation, statistical mechanics, triboelectric charging



Rohan Akolkar

F. Alex Nason Professor

Electrochemical phenomena in next-generation batteries, photovoltaics and semiconductor devices

John C. Angus

Kent Hale Smith Emeritus Professor of Engineering

Chemical vapor deposition of diamond, growth of group III nitrides, electrochemistry on diamond, redox equilibria

Harihara Baskaran


Cell/cellular transport processes in inflammation, wound healing, and tissue engineering

Christine Duval

Assistant Professor

Advanced separation materials, radiation detection and sensors

Donald L. Feke

Vice Provost, Professor

Colloidal and fine-particle processing, dispersive mixing, acoustic processing methods

Burcu Gurkan

Assistant Professor

Energy storage, nonflammable electrolytes, electrode fabrication, electrochemical separation processes

Uziel Landau


Electrochemical engineering, modeling of electrochemical systems, current distributions, electrodeposition

Chung-Chiun Liu

Wallace R. Persons Professor of Sensor Technology and Control

Electrochemical sensors, electrochemical synthesis, electrochemistry related to electronic materials

J. Adin Mann

Emeritus Professor

Surface phenomena, interfacial dynamics, colloid science, light scattering, biomemetics, molecular electronics

Heidi B. Martin

Associate Professor

Conductive Diamond Films; Implantable Electrochemical Devices; Neurosensing and Neural Stimulation; Engineering of Surfaces for Electrochemical and Biomedical Applications

Syed Qutubuddin


Surfactant and polymer solutions, enhanced oil recovery, novel nanomaterials including nanoparticles and polymer nanocomposites, additives for safe aviation fuel

Julie Renner

Assistant Professor

Electrochemical engineering, protein engineering, biomimetic materials, regenerative medicine, ammonia generation

R. Mohan Sankaran

Goodrich Professor of Engineering Innovation

Microplasmas, nanoparticle synthesis

Robert F. Savinell

George S. Dively Professor

Electrochemical engineering, electrochemical reactor design and simulation, electrode processes, batteries and fuel cells

Jesse S. Wainright

Research Professor

Electrochemical power sources -- fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors


Rochelle Stephens

Department Assistant

Evan Guarr

Undergraduate Laboratory Manager