Graduate Program

Our PhD program trains students to become successful researchers in chemical and biomolecular engineering. Full financial support packages (tuition and stipend) are available.

Our program has three components: research, technical coursework, and professional development. The most important component of the Ph.D. program is research, which is carried out under the guidance of one of our faculty members. Our faculty work in diverse areas, including energy, advanced materials, and biological engineering; detailed descriptions are given in the faculty web pages. The research usually leads to several publications in scientific journals and presentations by the student at professional meetings, and culminates in the Ph.D. dissertation. The technical coursework provides the fundamentals that serve as the groundwork for research, and includes coursework in chemical engineering and other fields of science and engineering. The professional development component includes a course on professional communication, a seminar series featuring speakers from other universities and industry, and teaching experience in undergraduate courses.

Review MS and PhD requirements in our General Bulletin. 

Applying to Our Graduate Programs

IMPORTANT: When completing the online application, please upload each document to its designated portal otherwise your application status will appear as incomplete.

An electronic application for our graduate program can be accessed here, and questions regarding applications should be directed to the Graduate Program Coordinator at

PhD Application Deadlines:

January 15 for fall semester enrollment and October 15 for spring semester enrollment if you are applying for both admission and financial aid consideration. 

MS Application Deadlines:

March 15 for fall semester enrollment and November 15 for spring semester enrollment. 


BS/MS Application Deadline:

March 15 annually. Applications to the B.S./M.S. program must be made after the completion of 75 semester hours of coursework and prior to attaining senior status (completion of 90 semester hours).