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Recent lab news

November 2014 Kai's manuscript, entitled "Rapid multisclice T1 mapping of mouse myocardium: application to quantification of manganese uptake in alpha-dystrobrevin knockout mice", was accepted by Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Congratulations, Kai!

October 2014 Congratulations to Yifan and his wife Dan. Baby Spencer Yu Zhang was born on October 8th, 2014 at 11:48 pm. He was 7lb 15oz and 21inches. 

August 2014 Charlies Wang was awarded the prestigous NIH F30 fellowship for his work on spectroscopic fingerprinting methods. Earlier in June, Charlie's proposal received a near perfect priority score of 11! Congratulations, Charlie!

August 2014 Didi's manuscript, entitled "Lack of Dystrophin Results in Abnormal Cerebral Diffusion and Perfusion In Vivo", was accepted by NeuroImage. Congratulations, Didi!

July 2014 Charlie gave an oral presentation, entitled "Efficient Quantification of Metabolite Concentration and T1 Relaxation by 31P Spectroscopic Fingerprinting", at the Gordon Research Conference on In Vivo MR held at the Proctor Academy, Andover, New Hampshire.

June 2014 Congratulations to Didi and her husband, Henry, on their first baby boy,Harrison Goodnough!!! Harrison was born on June 21st, 2014. He is a lovely boy. Job well done, Didi!

March 2014 Yifan Zhang is among the ten students and postdocs across the country to receive the EMM-RIS award from the American Society of Nutrition for his work on "Metabolic partitioning of oxidative metabolism in ketotic rat brain".  Congratulations, Yifan!

February 2014 Congratulations to Xin Li for getting accepted by Case School of Medicine!  We are very proud of your accomplishment, Xin!

November 2013 Yong Chen's manuscript, entitled "The Structural Basis of Functional Improvement in Response to Human Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation in Hearts with Post-Infarct LV Remodeling", was accepted by Cell Transplantation. Congratulations, Yong!

November 2013 Congratulations to Charlie Wang for successfully defending his research proposal!

June 2013 Congratualtions to Yuchi Liu for passing her oral qualify exam!

June 2013 Yifan Zhang joined the lab as a research associate, after finishing his Ph.D. study at Case BME. Welcome on board!

April 2013 Congratulations to Kai Jiang for successfully defending his research proposal!

October 2012  Xin Li will be attending the 2012 BMES Annual meeting in Atlanta, GA from October 24 - 27, 2012.

September 2012  Congratulations to Didi Desjardins on getting married on September 14, 2012. All the best to Mr. and Mrs. Goodnough!

September 2012  Yuchi Liu and Xunbai Blake Mei joined the lab as Ph.D. students. Yuchi (B.Sc) graduated from Tianjin University in China. Blake (B.Sc)  joins from Washington University in St. Louis. Welcome!