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Selected Recent Publications:

  • Christie, B., Graczyk, E., Charkhkar, H., Tyler, D., Triolo, R. (2019). Visuotactile synchrony of stimulation-induced sensation and natural somatosensation Journal of Neural Engineering 16(3), 036025.
  • Graczyk, E., Gill, A., Tyler, D., Resnik, L. (2019). The benefits of sensation on the experience of a hand: A qualitative case series PLOS ONE
  • Tyler, D., Czura, C., French, J., Ludwig, K., Otto, K., Pape, F., Welle, C. (2019). Cleveland neural engineering workshop 2017: strategic evaluation of neural engineering Bioelectronic Medicine 5(1), 2.
  • Cuberovic, I., Gill, A., Resnik, L., Tyler, D., Graczyk, E. (2019). Learning of Artificial Sensation Through Long-Term Home Use of a Sensory-Enabled Prosthesis Frontiers in Neuroscience 13(), 853.
  • Gelenitis, K., Sanner, B., Triolo, R., Tyler, D. (2019). Selective Nerve Cuff Stimulation Strategies for Prolonging Muscle Output IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering PP(99), 1-1.
  • Christie, B., Charkhkar, H., Shell, C., Marasco, P., Tyler, D., Triolo, R. (2019). Visual inputs and postural manipulations affect the location of somatosensory percepts elicited by electrical stimulation Scientific Reports 9(1), 11699.
  • Graczyk, E., Resnik, L., Schiefer, M., Schmitt, M., Tyler, D. (2018). Home Use of a Neural-connected Sensory Prosthesis Provides the Functional and Psychosocial Experience of Having a Hand Again Scientific Reports 8(1), 9866.
  • Charkhkar, H., Shell, C., Marasco, P., Pinault, G., Tyler, D., Triolo, R. (2018). High-density peripheral nerve cuffs restore natural sensation to individuals with lower-limb amputations Journal of Neural Engineering 15(5), 056002.
  • Graczyk, E., Delhaye, B., Schiefer, M., Bensmaia, S., Tyler, D. (2018). Sensory adaptation to electrical stimulation of the somatosensory nerves Journal of Neural Engineering 15(4), 046002.
  • Tyler, D. (2016). Restoring the human touch: Prosthetics imbued with haptics give their wearers fine motor control and a sense of connection IEEE Spectrum 53(5), 28-33.
  • Tan, Daniel W., M. Schiefer, M. Keith, J. R. Anderson, J. D. Tyler, D. J. Tyler, (2014) “Neural interface provides stable, natural, touch perception to prosthetic hand users for more than one year,” Science Translational Medicine, 6 (257):138. (Note: article feature on cover). Click links below for access to full text:
  • Nguyen JK, Park DJ, Skousen JL, Hess-Dunning AE, Tyler DJ, Rowan SJ, Weder C, Capadona JR. Mechanically-compliant intracortical implants reduce the neuroinflammatory response. J Neural Eng. 2014 Oct;11(5):056014. doi:10.1088/1741-2560/11/5/056014. Epub 2014 Aug 15.
  • Hadley AJ, Thompson P, Kolb I, Hahn EC, Tyler DJ. Targeted transtracheal stimulation for vocal fold closure. Dysphagia. 2014 Jun;29(3):346-54. doi:10.1007/s00455-014-9517-x. Epub 2014 Feb 23.
  • Peterson EJ, Tyler DJ. Motor neuron activation in peripheral nerves using infrared neural stimulation. J Neural Eng. 2014 Feb;11(1):016001. doi:10.1088/1741-2560/11/1/016001. Epub 2013 Dec 5.
  • Schiefer MA, Freeberg M, Pinault GJ, Anderson J, Hoyen H, Tyler DJ, Triolo RJ., "Selective activation of the human tibial and common peroneal nerves with a flat interface nerve electrode," J Neural Eng. 2013 Oct;10(5):056006. doi:10.1088/1741-2560/10/5/056006. Epub 2013 Aug 5. PubMed PMID: 23918148; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3809099.
  • Peterson EJ, Tyler DJ. Motor neuron activation in peripheral nerves using infrared neural stimulation. J Neural Eng. 2014 Feb;11(1):016001. doi:10.1088/1741-2560/11/1/016001. Epub 2013 Dec 5. PubMed PMID: 24310923.
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  • Fisher, L.E., Tyler, D.J., Triolo, R.J., "Optimization of selective stimulation parameters for multi-contact electrodes," (2013) Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation, 10, p. 25.
  • Duke, A.R., Peterson, E., Mackanos, M.A., Atkinson, J., Tyler, D., Jansen, E.D., "Hybrid electro-optical stimulation of the rat sciatic nerve induces force generation in the plantarflexor muscles," (2012) Journal of Neural Engineering, 9 (6).
  • Schiefer, M.A., Tyler, D.J., Triolo, R.J., "Probabilistic modeling of selective stimulation of the human sciatic nerve with a flat interface nerve electrode," (2012) Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 33 (1), pp. 179-190.
  • Capadona, J. R., Tyler, D. J., Zorman, C. A., Rowan, S. J., & Weder, C. (2012). Mechanically adaptive nanocomposites for neural interfacing. MRS bulletin, 37(06), 581-589.
  • Broniatowski M, Grundfest-Broniatowski S, Hahn EC, Hadley AJ, Tyler DJ, Tucker HM, "Selective intraoperative stimulation of the human larynx." Laryngoscope. 2012, , pp. 2015-2022, PMID:22886746.
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  • Schiefer MA, K Polasek, RJ Triolo, GCJ Pinault, DJ Tyler, (2010) “Selective Stimulation of the Human Femoral Nerve with a Flat Interface Nerve Electrode,” J Neural Eng, 7(2), PMID: 20208125.
  • J.R. Capadona, K. Shanmuganathan, DJ Tyler, S.J. Rowan, C. Weder, (2008) “Stimuli-responsive polymer nanocomposites inspired by the sea cucumber dermis”, Science, 319 (5868), 1370, PMID: 18323449.
  • J.R. Capadona, O. van den Berg, L.A. Capadona, M. Schroeter, S.J. Rowan, D.J. Tyler, C. Weder (2007).  “Self-Assembled Nanofiber Templates: A Versatile Approach for Polymer Nanocomposites,” Nature: Nanotechnology, 2 (12), 765, PMID: 18654428.  (Featured on Cover)
  • Schiefer MA, R Triolo, DJ Tyler, (2008) “A Model of Selective Activation of the Femoral Nerve with a Flat Interface Nerve Electrode for a Lower Extremity Neuroprosthesis,” IEEE Trans Neural Sys Rehab Eng, 16(2) 195, PMID: 18403289, PMCID: PMC2920206. (Featured on Cover)

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