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Dustin J. Tyler, Ph.D.

Kent H. Smith II Professor of Biomedical Eng

Office: Wickenden, Room 101
Phone: (216)-368-0319
Fax: (216)-368-4872

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Room 309
Wickenden Building
10900 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44106-7207
Physical / Mail:
Room 101
Wickenden Building
2071 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Cleveland, OH 44106-7207
Scopus: 7202486010
Researcher ID: C-7995-2015
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Human Fusions



Building on 40+ years of neurotechnology success, we strive to achieve our vision of NeuralRealityTM through technological advances of direct neural connections between human sensorimotor systems, while building and promoting a culturally diverse, open, trans-disciplinary community of researchers, thinkers, students, entrepreneurs, and world leaders. We seek:

  • To create human-centered, symbiotic relationships between humans and technology.
  • To directly connect human to technology through neuromuscular interfaces.
  • Transdisciplinary knowledge and science, create technologies, and disseminate discoveries
  • To spin out revolutionary HFi technology to new enterprises.
  • To expand the limits of human experience through a human – technology interface.
  • To enhance one’s sense of self, community, and capability beyond the biological barriers.

Visit the Human Fusions Website or see the list of latest Human Fusions News.

In April, 2020, Prof. Tyler discusses the human-technology relationship past, present, and future in a two part series to be aired on PBS Ideastream. See the videos here:



Through direct connection between the human nervous system and a prosthesis, the user feels the prosthesis as it is their own hand. We are working to restore both sensation and effortless high degree-of-freedom of control of the prosthesis. The user thinks about moving their hand and the prosthesis mimics the motion. When the prosthesis interacts with the world, the user feels their hand touch the world. Our research ranges from highly advanced technology development to clinical translation of advanced technology to fundamental science understanding the relationship between artificial stimulation, user perception, and prosthesis usage.

Advanced Prostheses


Restoring Sensation in Subjects with Limb Loss