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A wide variety of resources exist to assist Biomedical Engineering (BME) students with the process of identifying and refining specific career interests and then converting those interests into experiential learning or landing a job!  Two organizations are the starting point for many BME students:





Division of Engineering Leadership & Professional Practice
Experience Beyond the Classroom

The Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice connects students with opportunities to integrate fundamentals from the classroom into the real world. BME students are often engaged in one or more of more of the following experiences beyond the classroom that providing a chance to apply engineering talents across disciplines, across the campus and beyond

  • Internship and Co-op experiences: The engineering co-op at Case Western Reserve University provides a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on, paid experience relevant to their course of study.
  • Dual degree programs: The DELPP Undergraduate 3-2 Dual Degree Program blends a strong, technical engineering perspective with in-depth knowledge of humanities and social sciences to provide you with the perfect opportunity to customize your career path with two Bachelor’s degrees.
  • Design competitions: You’ll get real-world, hands-on experience in working with multidisciplinary teams by entering design competitions. Competitions challenge you and your teammates to develop ideas for products or businesses that solve problems in society and present them to judges—who may become valuable networking contacts, mentors, employers or investors.

See what you can really do. Discover your strengths and interests. Move out of viewing your abilities strictly in terms of GPA, and experience the thrill of overcoming obstacles and the satisfaction of engineering solutions that work. You’ll also gain confidence and exposure to technical advisors from industry, as well as faculty.

Our program offerings are dynamic; we’re continually seeking new and innovative avenues to aid in your personal and professional growth, including global engineering experiences. All will help you build and strengthen your connections to the engineering community.

Find out more from the DELPP website


Career Center

The career center is an excellent resource for you to research your future. Whether it's deciding which specialty you want to pursue or how that specialty can translate into a career or professional school, the following can help you discover and explore your options:


Career Fairs

The Career Center sponsors two general on-campus career fairs - one during the fall and the other during the spring semester. As a research institution, we will host employers seeking to hire candidates at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Career Counseling

Think beyond the possible and start to envision your 21st century career. Career counseling is one of our most sought after services among Case Western Reserve University students and alumni. Last year alone, our career counselors meet with more than 1,400 students and alumni. We offer a variety of resources, services, and events that are designed to have a transformational impact on your journey to a purposeful career. Our services and events focus on four primary career management skills:

  • Self-awareness - Learning to appreciate one's interests, abilities, and skills by understanding how these qualities relate to a choice of major or career.
  • Career-related Resources - Identifying appropriate resources to gain in-depth knowledge of various job functions, fields, industries, and organizations for decision-making and career planning.
  • Decision Making - Utilizing career-related resources and committing to making purposeful decisions about choosing your major and career.
  • Career-related Competencies - Developing a career action plan and strategizing how to reach career goals, whether it be deciding to enter graduate school or the world of work, and then obtaining related experience.

Through examination of these four themes the Career Center developed the Four-Phase Plan and believes they are crucial to success in realizing career aspirations.


Career Assessment

The process of self-reflection will help start you on your way towards identifying a career path that fits your interests and personality. The purpose of self-reflection is for you to identify your qualities and personal preferences. What are your strengths? What do you value? What are your interests? What skills and abilities do you possess? What skills and abilities do you wish to develop? The better you know yourself, the better choices you will make with regard to your major and career.


Career Workshops

We offer a variety of career development workshops to help you improve your job-seeking skills and job development strategies. Learn how you can become more competitive in the marketplace through a wide variety of helpful resources.


Mock Interviews

A mock interview is a 60-minute individual session with a career counselor to help you prepare and strategize for future interviews. You will be asked to respond to traditional and behavioral interviewing questions (as in a real interview). After the interview, you will be given constructive feedback regarding your interviewing style and how you responded to the questions. We can even videotape your interview session for a full review.


Career Resource Library

The Career Resource Library is a quiet study area with a small computer lab and references for career exploration including subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal, Crain's Cleveland Business Week, Fortune Magazine and African-American and Hispanic Career World. The library is also home to the Career Peers and our location for drop-in advice on resumes or other quick questions during the academic year.


Counseling Appointments

We are available to meet individually with undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni/ae, by appointment, to discuss any aspect of career development. Appointments cannot be scheduled through email. Please call 216.368.4446 or drop by to make an initial appointment with a counselor.

For quick professional correspondence critiques/questions, please visit with a Career Center staff member during drop-in hours.