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Innovations in Imaging

Research Faculty

Mehdi Alilou, Ph.D.

Alilou’s research focuses on applying computer vision and machine learning techniques for automatic analysis of chest CT scans. The resulting technology aids radiologists and pathologists with automatic detection, quantification, diagnosis, and treatment response prediction of lung cancer and other lung diseases. 

Musa Audu, Ph.D.

Human musculoskeletal modeling and development of control systems for rehabilitation of individuals with spinal cord injury and other balance disorders. Design of rehabilitation devices for physically challenged individuals.


Hamid Charkhkar, Ph.D.

Dr. Charkhkar’s research focuses on developing neuroprostheses for people with limb loss or neuromuscoskeletal impairments. He aims to restore the lost or compromised sensorimotor function through neurotechnology which will result in increased stability, reduced risk of falls, and improved gait.

Andrew Janowczyk, Ph.D.

Dr Janowczyk’s research focuses on applying machine learning and computer vision algorithms to digital pathology images. The resulting computational models aid pathologists in many common tasks, such as disease detection, grading, and the prediction of prognosis and therapy response.

Cheng Lu, Ph.D.

Dr Lu’s research focuses on developing novel computational tools for identifying sub-visual image features from medical images and utilizing these features for disease classification, grading and prognosis in the context of breast cancer, head&neck cancer, and lung cancer.


Rakesh Shiradkar, Ph.D.

Building novel computational tools and machine learning models for characterization, diagnosis and prognosis of cancer on imaging.


Xinning Wang, P.h.D.

Development of targeted imaging agents for detection and imaged-guided surgery of prostate cancer. Preclinical evaluation of PSMA-targeted theranostic agents for photodynamic therapy of prostate cancer.