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2015-12-15 (All day)

Receive National Institutes of Health grants to lead image-analysis efforts

2015-12-10 (All day)

Anant Madabhushi, professor of BME and director of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD), and his team were issued two patents—U.S. patent 9,177,105 and U.S. patent 9,177,014—in pattern recognition of cancer from digital pathology and imaging data.

2015-12-07 (All day)

UH Case Medical Center experts present new data at Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology

2015-12-07 (All day)

A device called HemeChip may soon make screening for sickle cell disease in infants incredibly easy.

2015-12-07 (All day)

Novel process uses a plant virus and may ultimately make Ebola testing more accurate

2015-11-11 (All day)

As a biomedical engineering graduate student at CWRU, Punkaj Ahuja was working in 2010 on applications for a core sensor his team was developing.

2015-11-11 (All day)

Akrotome Imaging Inc., a Cleveland-based medical imaging technology company, has received a major award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to complete development and commercialization of its leading-edge imaging platform.

2015-09-24 (All day)

Three biomedical engineering researchers—Jeffrey CapadonaAnant Madabhushi and Julius Korley—are among four Case Western Reserve University faculty members who were named to the prestigious Crain’s Cleveland Business “Forty Under 40” class of 2015.

2015-09-20 (All day)

P. Hunter Peckham, PhD was presented the 2015 Case Western Reserve Medal for Health Science Innovation, the School of Medicine’s highest honor, for his efforts in advancing research, education, and care in extraordinary ways.

2015-08-27 (All day)

Anant Madabhushi, director of the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics