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2018-02-18 (All day)

Research supported by a recent $3.16 million National Cancer Institute grant

2018-01-31 (All day)

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and radiomics can distinguish malignant from benign lung nodules on noncontrast CT scans, potentially reducing the number of unnecessary surgical interventions in these cases, according to a multi-institutional team from Cleveland.

2018-01-17 (All day)

Case Western Reserve University performed extremely well in a recent ranking of biomedical engineering degree programs. College Factual ranks programs offered by 4-year U.S. Colleges and Universities and has recently updated their 2018 rankings.

2018-01-10 (All day)

Bolu Ajiboye and Robert Kirschs' research on brain-computer-interfacing is highlighted in The Economist 

2018-01-09 (All day)

Radiomics allows radiologists to mine imaging data and enhance diagnoses and treatment decisions.

2018-01-05 (All day)

Pallavi Tiwari’s passion for biomedical engineering started in a garage in India.

2018-01-05 (All day)

Brain implants can help quadriplegics move with thought.

2018-01-05 (All day)

Prateek Prasanna, a research associate in the department of biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University was the recipient of a $1000 award for his submission to the Harvard Catalyst “Good Questions Meet Big Data” Ideation Challenge.

2018-01-03 (All day)

The 2018 Request for Applications (RFA) is now open.

2017-11-29 (All day)

Michael Jenkins, Hillel Chiel, and Steve Lewis, with support from the FES Center, have organized an excellent symposium entitled "Spreading the Light" that will focus on the use of infrared light to activate the autonomic nervous system. There are numerous internal and external speakers, as well as participants from NIH and several prominent companies.