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Capadona Lab:

Recent News:

- August 1, 2019 = Welcome Natalie Mueller, new Ph.D. student co-advised with Dr. Allison Hess-Dunning

- July 2019Dr. Capadona received VA Equipment funds to establish 2- and 3-photon microscope

- July 1, 2019 = Dr. Andrew Shoffstall (postdoc 2015 - 2019) begins a tenure-track position as Assistant Prof of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University 

- July 1, 2019 = Dr. Capadona promoted to Full Professor

- June 1, 2019 = Welcome Olivia Krebs and Danny Lam (co-advised with Dr. Andrew Shoffstall), new Ph.D. students.

- May 2019 = Dr. Hillary Bedell completes her Ph.D. and begins a career at GenomOncology

- May 2019 = Welcome back Dhariyat Menendez, new Lab Manager, shared with Shoffstall Lab.

- April 2019 = NIH R01 from NINDS "Characterizing and mitigating the role of oxidative damage in microelectrode failure"

- April 2019 = Dr. received VA RR&D Merit Review with Dr. Allison Hess-Dunning "Hybrid Drug-Eluting Microfluidic Neural Probe for Chronic Drug Infusion"

- January 2019 = Dr. Capadona received VA Research Career Scientist Award

- July 2018 = Dr. received VA RR&D Merit Review with "Antioxidative Microelectrodes to Improve Neural Recording Performance

- 2018 = Capadona Lab publishes 16 peer-reviewed manuscripts, reviews and book chapters in 2018

- Summer 2018, welcome 3 new Ph.D. Students: Youjoung Kim, George Hoeferlin, and Paul Gloth

- May 2018 = Dr. John Hermann completed his Ph.D. and begins a post-doc position at the Cleveland Clinic