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EBME 328 & 398 Approval Forms


Forms for Project Proposals: EBME 328, 398, 399

EBME 328 Project Proposal Form

EBME 398/399 Project Proposal Form


Petition for deviation from approved course sequences

Petition to Deviate from Approved BME Track or Sequence Courses

With good reason, students may petition to substitute technical courses not listed by the approved curriculum for a BME track or sequence. The petition should be submitted to the BME Undergraduate Education Committee (UGEC) for approval. Before submitting a petition to the UGEC, students must discuss the petition and present it in writing to their faculty advisor for review and recommendation.

Conditions requiring a petition.  A petition is required to substitute a course for a technical elective not listed for the track or sequence or to substitute a course from another university for a BME core course.  


  • Prepare a PDF file.  This should be dated and include the following information:
    • 1.1 Name, expected date of graduation, sequence or track
    • Clear and succinct description of the requested change. “I wish to take xxx as a technical elective.”
    • Rationale for the request. Explain why this change is appropriate from an educational standpoint and relevant to your track or sequence. 
  • 2. Catalog description and/or course syllabi.
  • 3. Attach a complete Program of Study listing all the courses taken and will take until graduation (organized by semester).  Clearly identify the Technical Electives.

The PDF petition file should be emailed to the Chair of the UGEC, Andrew Rollins ( with the subject line, Petition for UGEC, and cc your advisor and the Track leader identified on the BME website.  A petition for a change that the UGEC chair regards as problematic will be voted upon by the UGEC. Otherwise, the Track leader can approve the change. The UGEC meets about twice a month during the academic year (September - April) and will not normally consider petitions over the summer.

Petition Form