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Co-op and Industrial Internships

Cooperative Education is a voluntary, non-credit, formalized academic program, which enables students to integrate classroom theory into practice. Most biomedical engineering students begin the co-op during their junior year. Co-op assignments are typically for two-seven month periods, each consisting of a summer and contiguous fall or spring semester. The course load for the student is not impacted; however, the timeline for completion of course is extended by one year. Students are involved in meaningful, responsible projects during their co-op assignment. The Co-op Program is housed under the Dean's office of The Case School of Engineering (CSE) in the Office of Engineering Student Programs (OESP). However, the Case BME department also has a Student Employment Program, which works in conjunction with OESP to augment the number of co-op opportunities available to BME students. While co-op experiences can be both industrial or research based, special emphasis is placed on cultivating and securing industrial placements for students. Students who are unable to co-op, but still wish to gain industrial internship experience can also receive assistance under the BME Student Employment Program in securing industrial summer internships.

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