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Graduate Curriculum

The Graduate Handbook, revised July 12, 2021.

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Advancement to Candidacy form, to be submitted with POS



Course Selection Process


Should register in their first semester for: 

• CBIO 453 (4 cr) and/or EBME 451 (3 cr)
          • Students with little to no Bio background can register for EBME 451 (3 cr)
              *Students taking CBIO should request an override for the time conflict
                with seminars and 570
• EBME 570 (1 cr)
• EBME 611 (0.5 cr)
• Either EBME 613, 615, or 617 (0.5 cr)
• EBME 601 or 701 (research credits as appropriate)
• Other classes as recommended by advisor 


May register for:

• EBME 570 (1 cr)   (you can only get credit for this class one time)
EBME 611 (0.5 cr) (even if you have already taken 611 for zero
  credit hours in a previous year)

• Either EBME 613, 615, or 617 (0.5 cr)

The Graduate Core classes from pre-2011 are no longer available.  If this affects you, please contact Dr. Jeffrey Capadona, the Graduate Chair.  Please watch this space for further instructions.



Graduate Student Association

The Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association (GSA) promotes the development of biomedical science, furthers graduate students' education through friendship, community, and activity, and bonds future colleagues through a variety of interactive events.

GSA has created an online suggestion forum for the whole student body to post ideas to improve various aspects of our department!

Join the Online Suggestion Forum!

At the home page, create a nickname. Then, choose a topic on the left to view existing ideas. Here, post new suggestions and vote on existing ones under your nickname or "anonymous". 

GSA exec will gauge the popularity of suggested ideas and present these to the department. Your passion about certain topics will be very useful for implementing change!



COURSE Offerings


Review the university's General Bulletin for a full list of courses and their descriptions.