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Alumni Spotlight

Our alumni make an impact in the field of biomedical engineering. Here are a few of their recent accomplishments:


April 2017
Jaeyon Kim
Jaeyon Kim (GRS '08) has just become Associate Director of Pharmacometrics at Novartis, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

April, 2016
Kyle Salem
Kyle Salem, PhD (CWR ‘97, GRS ‘02, biomedical engineering) is the chief of staff at CQuence and serves on the board of directors for Ensocare, a care coordination company. He is also the vice president of corporate strategy at Cassling. Prior to Cassling, he worked with Siemens Healthcare’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging division serving as a scientist and manager. Salem has a passionate interest in the future model of care coordination, payment reform and new technologies in healthcare delivery.

April, 2016
Marc Penn
Marc Penn, MD, PhD (GRS ‘89, biomedical engineering, MED ‘94) is a cardiologist and director of research and the director of the Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship at the Summa Cardiovascular Institute, Summa Health System in Akron, Ohio, and professor of Medicine and Integrative Medical Sciences at Northeast Ohio Medical University, where he leads the Skirball Laboratory for Cardiovascular Cellular Therapeutics. Penn’s research has led to several discoveries in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

January, 2017
Christine (Fleming) Hendon
Christine (Fleming) Hendon, PhD (CWR ‘07, GRS ‘10, biomedical engineering) was one of 102 scientists and researchers former President Obama named as recipients of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) this year. Fleming is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University. Her research interests are in developing optical imaging and spectroscopy instruments for applications in cardiac electrophysiology and interventional cardiology.

March, 2016
Mike Jenkins
Mike Jenkins, PhD (CWRU ‘04, GRS ‘08, biomedical engineering) won the H.W. Mossman Award in Developmental Biology from AAA, an annual Young Investigator award.

October, 2015
Ravindra Manjeshwar
Ravindra Manjeshwar, PhD (GRS ‘00, biomedical engineering) was recently named chief scientist of CT and Advanced Molecular Imaging and senior director of Global Advanced Technologies at Philips Healthcare. Manjeshwar has returned to Cleveland after several years at GE Global Research, where he managed a molecular imaging team and led activities including the creation of GE’s PET/MRI prototype. Dr. Manjeshwar is serving on the advisory board of BME’s NIH PhD student, T32 training grant on Biomedical Imaging. Ravindra Manjeshwar, PhD