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Dr. Anirban Sen Gupta receives $2.1M R01 grant from the NIH to develop platelet-inspired nanotechnology

Dr. Anirban Sen Gupta, faculty of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, has received a $2.1M R01 research grant from the NIH to develop a new platelet-inspired nanotechnology that utilizes inorganic polyphosphates and anionic phospholipids to augment hemostasis. These hybrid nanoparticle systems can be intravenously administered to enable targeted hemorrhage control in treating traumatic injuries, and can act as platelet surrogates when platelet products are unavailable for transfusion. The 4-year project will involve collaborations with Dr. James Morrissey and Dr. Stephanie Smith at University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and Dr. Wolfgang Bergmeier at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.