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Selected Publications

Ma D, Gulani V, Seiberlich N, Liu K, Sunshine JL, Duerk JL, Griswold MA.

Magnetic resonance fingerprinting.

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Wright KL, Seiberlich N, Jesberger JA, Nakamoto DA, Muzic RF Jr, Griswold MA, Gulani V.

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Lee GR, Seiberlich N, Sunshine JL, Carroll TJ, Griswold MA

Rapid Time-Resolved Magnetic Resonance Angiography via a multi-echo radial trajectory and GraDeS reconstruction

Magn Reson Med. 2013 Feb;69(2):346-59.


Ehses P, Seiberlich N, Ma D, Breuer FA, Jakob PM, Griswold MA, Gulani V.

IR TrueFISP with a golden-ratio-based radial readout: Fast quantification of T(1) , T(2) , and proton density.

Magn Reson Med. 2013 Jan;69(1):71-81.


Seiberlich N, Lee G, Ehses P, Duerk JL, Gilkeson R, Griswold M.

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Yutzy SR, Seiberlich N, Duerk JL, Griswold MA.

Improvements in multislice parallel imaging using radial CAIPIRINHA.

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Seiberlich N, Ehses P, Duerk J, Gilkeson R, Griswold MA.

Improved Radial GRAPPA Calibration for Real-Time Free-Breathing Cardiac Imaging

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RT-GROG: parallelized self-calibrating GROG for real-time MRI.

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