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Center for Bio-Nanotechnology


The School of Medicine is pleased to announce the launching of the CWRU Center for Bio-Nanotechnology under the direction of Nicole F. Steinmetz, PhD, George J. Picha Designated Professor in Biomaterials and member of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, the Bio-Nano Center will bring together scientists, engineers, and clinicians from CWRU, the Cleveland area, and beyond to study and develop bio-nanotechnologies. It will focus on four research priorities: 1) immunotherapy and vaccines; 2) novel therapeutics and drug delivery; 3) molecular contrast agents and imaging; and 4) advanced materials. 

Through engineering and programming, bio-nanomaterials offer promise for preventing and treating disease by interacting with molecular targets, cells, and tissues to deliver payloads such as therapeutics and contrast agents. Targeted at the immune system, they can mobilize antigen-specific humoral and cellular-immune responses. Broadly, they open the door for molecular diagnosis, longitudinal imaging of disease progression and response to therapy, and treatment strategies that can overcome systemic toxicities. They also enable the manufacturing of novel materials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Applications of bio-nanotechnology are not limited to human medicine, with potential significance for veterinary medicine, pesticide delivery, and agriculture.

Congratulations to Dr. Steinmetz and the Center’s assistant director, Sourabh Shukla, PhD, and its operations manager, Frank Veliz, on the debut of this pioneering new entity. Please join in offering best wishes for success.