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Patent issued to CCIPD

Patent US 10,398,399 entitled "Decision support for disease characterization and treatment response with disease and peri-disease radiomics" issued to the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD) at Case Western Reserve University and collaborators from University Hospitals.

The invention describes the methods, apparatus, and other embodiments associated with classifying a region of tissue using textural analysis are described. One example apparatus includes an, a delineation logic that distinguishes nodule tissue within the image from the background of the image, a perinodular zone logic that defines a perinodular zone based on the nodule, a feature extraction logic that extracts a set of features from the image, a probability logic that computes a probability that the nodule is benign or that the nodule will respond to a treatment, and a classification logic that classifies the nodule tissue based, at least in part, on the set of features or the probability. A prognosis or treatment plan may be provided based on the classification of the image.

Inventors include Mahdi Oroji, Mirabela Rusu, Robert Gilkeson, Philip Linden, Nathaniel Braman and Anant Madabhushi


Peritumoral radiomics of breast cancer patients can identify patients who will achieve a full response to chemotherapy (left), known as pathological complete response (pCR), versus those who will not (right).