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Summer 2021 Virtual Internship Winners

Congratulations to the 2021 Virtual Summer Internship Design Challenge Winners!

Ctrl+Keys  |  Team 28  |  1400 votes 
Brett Zaorski, Case Western Reserve University
Amal Damouche, Politecnico di Milano
Shashvat Bargale, Shri G.S. Institute of Technology & Science
Michelle Ukiwe, Spelman College 


Biomedical Macro-Keypad  |  Team 18  |  942 votes 
Brooke Bennett, Colorado State University
Allison Mckenzie, Case Western Reserve University
Omar Baz, Los Medanos College
Prateek Jayanand, Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal


Feet for Hands  |  Team 17  |  443 votes 
Hoa Le, Case Western Reserve University
Agnes Benny George, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Génesis Estrellita Flores Arroyo, University of Engineering and Tecnology - UTEC    


SCI-PorTable  |  Team 12  |  443 votes 
Shreejana Thapaliya, University of Texas at Arlington (UTA)
María Caridad García, Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Shouq Aldosari, The Catholic University of America
Bhavya Vats, University of Iowa


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The Design Challenge is just one component of the internship. The program also features live virtual sessions led several times each week by professors, researchers, professional staff, entrepreneurs and others in a host of topics related to biomedical engineering careers, research and technology. 






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