Dual Degree Program

Engineer Your Career Path with Two Bachelor's Degrees in Just Five Years

The DELPP Undergraduate 3-2 Dual Degree Program blends a strong, technical engineering perspective with in-depth knowledge of humanities and social sciences to provide you with the perfect opportunity to customize your career path with two Bachelor’s degrees.


Lensa Jotte (May 2015 candidate)

BS Civil Engineering, Case School of Engineering

BA Physics, Hiram College


Justin Chase (May 2015 candidate)

BS Mechanical Engineering, Case School of Engineering

BS Liberal Arts Engineering, Wheaton College


While enrolled at one of the 40 participating liberal arts colleges/universities, you’ll complete courses in math, chemistry, physics, and computer science in addition to studies in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences for the first three years of your dual degree. Once you’ve completed three years at your liberal arts school, you’ll be enrolled into the Case School of Engineering where you’ll take two years of intensive engineering courses in your chosen major:






After completing all five years, you’ll be awarded two Bachelor’s degrees—one from each university—making you more marketable to the ever-changing job industry, or broadening your horizons for graduate school.