Design Competitions

Build Your Résumé, Make Connections, and Compete for Cash Awards

You’ll get real-world, hands-on experience in working with multidisciplinary teams by entering design competitions. Competitions challenge you and your teammates to develop ideas for products or businesses that solve problems in society and present them to judges—who may become valuable networking contacts, mentors, employers or investors.

Even if you don’t win the competition, you’ll gain experience in accomplishing an objective through teamwork and meeting deadlines. And along with developing your innovation, you’ll develop relationships with faculty and students beyond your classmates.

Sprāv: 2012-2013 Saint-Gobain Challenge 1st Place Team

The primary annual competition is the Saint-Gobain Design Challenge. Coordinated by the Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice, this gives you and your team the chance to win $9,000 by designing and building a prototype that solves a problem for society by engineering a new and innovative use for an existing material.

Additional Opportunities

We also encourage you to take advantage of other competition opportunities to gain teamwork and innovation experience, such as:

  • Ohio Clean Energy Challenge – Clean energy innovation and business plan (U.S Department of Energy). Sprāv also won 1st place in this competition in 2012-2013.
  • Design competitions sponsored by the Cleveland Institute of Art, Case School of Engineering, think[box], Great Lakes Science Center, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Brite Winter
  • Consulting Case Competitions: 2013 Battle of Ohio – Individual applicants are selected and assigned to teams that compete in business case analysis (Weatherhead Undergraduate Programs, Deloitte Consulting)
  • think[box] – CWRU’s invention center also has information on engineering design competitions.

Plan ahead

Most competitions’ entry deadlines are in September and October. Learn what’s involved, and start forming your team or ideas. Visit this site for information on new challenge opportunities or contact:

Additionally, CWRU and the Cleveland community have some of the best resources for bringing your ideas to life: