Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice

Experience Beyond the Classroom

The Division of Engineering Leadership and Professional Practice connects you with opportunities to integrate fundamentals from the classroom into the real world. A wide variety of intentionally designed programs with specific missions in mind give you a chance to apply your engineering talents across disciplines, across the campus and beyond.

See what you can really do. Discover your strengths and interests. Move out of viewing your abilities strictly in terms of GPA, and experience the thrill of overcoming obstacles and the satisfaction of engineering solutions that work.

Participation will provide practice in:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Creative application of your technical skills

You’ll also gain confidence and exposure to technical advisors from industry, as well as faculty.

Our program offerings are dynamic; we’re continually seeking new and innovative avenues to aid in your personal and professional growth, including global engineering experiences. All will help you build and strengthen your connections to the engineering community.