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Next Steps: Accepting a Co-Op

Once you've accepted a co-op, your next steps include:

1) Register to attend a co-op orientation session in Handshake. Please bring the following things with you to the session:

  • Your laptop if you have one
  • An electronic copy of your offer letter
  • The name of your health insurance provider. If you don't have one, you will be able to purchase health insurance through University Health Services (more will be explained in the session)
  • If you know your co-op employer supervisor's name and contact information, bring that with you as well
  • Please meet with your faculty advisor prior to the co-op orientation meeting to map out a graduation plan, including your semester of co-op and the classes you have taken and will need to take in order to graduate. Bring this plan with you to the co-op orientation meeting. This plan is essential to ensure a timely graduation! If you have problems connecting with your faculty advisor to go over a graduation plan, you can contact the co-op faculty liaison for your department. Check out the list of co-op faculty advisors on this website to find out who your liaison is. Click here to see an example of a co-op student's graduation plan.

2) Information covered during orientation will include:

  • How to register for your co-op to maintain your full time student status
  • Co-op policies
  • Co-op course assignments and requirements
  • Professional etiquette 
  • Communication with the co-op staff during your co-op
  • Health and counseling insurance options
  • Co-op learning objectives - Click here to learn more about learning objectives
  • CPT for international students

If you missed the orientation sessions, call the co-op office to schedule an appointment with a co-op staff member. 

Dropping classes

If you registered for classes before you accepted your co-op, you will need help to drop them. There is a security feature in SIS that doesn't allow you to go down to 0 credits without permission, and the co-op course is a 0 credit course although it maintains your full-time student status. Simply register for your co-op in SIS, then send an email to requesting help to drop your remaining classes. 

Accepting a second co-op

If you've accepted a second or third co-op, here's your next steps:

  1. Create a co-op form in Handshake. Click here to view the the step-by-step guide on how to create the form
  2. Complete the health insurance form and email it back to Student Health Services. 
  3. For undergraduate students, register for COOP 2 (or COOP 3 for your third co-op) in SIS. For graduate students, register for ENGR 401C. Please note for all students: there is a $150 admin fee for your second or third co-op. I will approve your co-op course registration in SIS once your Handshake form is complete.  
  4. If you receive any loans/scholarships/financial aid, notify the Financial Aid Office that you will be out on co-op for another semester and let them know you need help deferring your aid. 
  5. If you are living on campus and need to move off campus, notify the On-Campus Housing Office.
  6. Complete another student policy form. Please initial all of the lines to show that you read each statement, then sign and date the form and upload it to your co-op experience form in Handshake in the blue box titled "New Attachment". Click here to download this form.
  7. Draft a graduation plan, including your additional co-op, and have your academic advisor approve it. Once approved, upload your plan to your Handshake Co-op Experience form. 
  8. If you are an international student, schedule and appointment with to complete your CPT paperwork prior to starting your co-op.