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Getting Started

If you haven't accepted a co-op yet but are interested in applying to the co-op program, you are required to attend a co-op information session at the beginning of the semester prior to starting a co-op. If you have missed the co-op information session, a recording from a previous semester can be found here. You can RSVP for a co-op info session in Handshake Events

Here's an example of items reviewed during the co-op information session:

  • Seeking a spring 2021 co-op: Apply to the co-op program by September 20th in Handshake Jobs. Click here to view a step by step guide on how to create this application.
  • Research companies and apply to positions! The Post Graduate Planning & Expereintial Education office has some great resourses in My Career (Handshake, Career Shift, etc). Here's a flyer with some job search strategy tips. 
  • Attend Career Fairs, employer informational sessions and other industry events on campus. Go to Handshake Events for a complete listing. 
  • Create a perfectly polished resume and upload it to Handshake. The co-op office offers walk-in hours and appointments for help. The Post Graduate Planning & Experiential Education office offers Career Lab and appointments for help. 
  • Start early with your interview preparation. The Big Interview is a great resource to learn, explore question lists, and practice. To learn more about technical interviews, this panel discussion includes information and advice from students and alumni that have successfully navigated the technical interviewing process.
  • Network with employers and alumni in LinkedIn and the Alumni Career Network. 
  • Meet with a co-op faculty advisor in your department or your advisor to map out a graduation plan with co-op to determine the best time for you to co-op. Here is an example of a former co-op student's graduation plan

Couldn't attend an info session?

  • View our informational presentation by clicking here, schedule an appointment with a co-op staff member or stop by during co-op walk-in hours. 

Already accepted a co-op?

Please notify the co-op office and RSVP for a co-op orientation meeting in Handshake Events one semester prior to starting your co-op. Co-op orientation meetings are required for all first time co-op students. 

Seeking a second Co-op?

If you haven't accepted an offer yet, please reapply to the co-op program a semester prior to starting a co-op by submitting a co-op application in Handshake Jobs. Click here to view a step by step guide on how to create this application. You don't have to attend another info session.

If you already accepted an offer for a second co-op, click here for your next steps and scroll to the Accepting a second or third co-op heading. 


Co-op Faculty Advisor Contact Information

Department Contact Email
Biomedical Engineering Sam Senyo
Chemical Engineering Uzi Landau
Civil Engineering Kurt Rhoads
CE, EE, Systems Ken Loparo
Computer Science Vincenzo Liberatore
Macro/Polymer Science Gary Wnek
Materials Science John Lewandowski
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Paul Barnhart
Engineering Physics & Physics Mike Martens








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