Richard A. Saada Intelligent Geosystem Laboratory

Richard A. Saada Intelligent Geosystem Laboratory at Case Western Reserve

The Richard A. Saada Intelligent Geosystem Laboratory houses research by Dr. Xiong (Bill) Yu in two major thrust areas:  i) the Laboratory on Multiscale Multiphysics Geoengineering Processes, and ii) the Intelligent Infrastructure and Smart Systems Laboratory. Both laboratories are part of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at CWRU, and have equipment for development and evaluation of different types of sensors. The current equipment in the laboratories include:

  • Microwave testing system (digital oscilloscope with 40 GHz sampling frequency, different types of antennas).

  • Ultrasonic testing system (ultrasonic pulse generator and ultrasonic transducers).

  • Fiber optic system (optical spectra analyzer, laser source, optical TDR, optical-electrical converter, fiber optical patch cables, fiber optical multiplexers).

  • Seismic testing system (electronic hammer, 3-components geophones, accelerometers with signal conditioning and DAQ units).

  • Other NDT testing equipment (magnetometer, 3D image capture device, etc.).

The laboratory also houses a few equipment for prototyping and testing of small scale specimens.

  • A Ultimaker 3D Printer for production of small prototype
  • A 3D printing control frame that is designed to use mortar and cement as feed materials.
  • MTS loading frame that allow to test the responses of geomaterials to static and dynamic loads.