If you have a concern

If you are concerned for the immediate safety of yourself or others, please contact the CWRU Police at 216.368.3333 or dial 911. Immediate help is available to students, faculty, staff, parents and family members when a crisis occurs or threats of harm arise. If you see safety violations or other inappropriate behavior but want to remain anonymous, call 866.483.9367 or Go to Integrity Hotline

Academic Related Concerns

The Case School of Engineering follows the School of Undergraduate Studies and School of Graduate Studies policies for any academic grievances. Students looking for more information regarding academic grievances should visit the websites listed below for more information.

Non-academic Related Concerns

Case Western Reserve is a high-impact research university that aspires to be a community where humanity, science and technology meet to create a just and thriving world.  We believe in valuing how our campus, community and world treat and reflect one another.

  • Community Concerns Reporting System (CCRS) helps educate and promote an inclusive community by supporting students through a clear and streamlined process for reporting incidents of perceived mistreatment, cultural/ethnic insensitivity, and bias. The CCRS allows CWRU community members who have witnessed or have experienced incidents of bias, prejudice or discrimination involving a student to submit a report to the Community Concerns Reporting Response Team.
  • The Office of Equity outlines the policies and processes for sexual harassment and discrimination, Title IX, and physical, religious, and pregnancy accommodations. 

If you need further assistance concerning the University’s academic grievance procedure, please contact the School of Graduate Studies (216.368.4390) or the Office of Undergraduate Studies (216.368.2928).