Bingham Concrete Laboratory

Equiptment in the Bingham Concrete Laboratory

A well-equipped concrete laboratory is available for undergraduate instruction and research. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has recently renovated part of the concrete laboratory space adjacent to the Structural Engineering Laboratory. The renovation included: 1) a new room for concrete batching; 2) a humidity- and temperature-controlled room to support small-scale specimen preparation and storage of advanced cementitious materials and composites, and perform various characterization tests on fresh and hardened concrete and mortars; and 3) a curing room with humidity and temperature control. The concrete laboratory space also houses machining and fabrication equipment that includes welding machines, drill presses, grinders, and saws.

A new 55-kip MTS servo-hydraulic universal testing machine and a new 1,000-kip frame compression machine (ControlsGroup USA) have been recently added to the exiting 220 kip MTS servo-hydraulic universal testing machine to increment the testing capabilities of the laboratory.