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Sameera Nalin Venkat

Sameera is a graduate student at SDLE Center

- Enrolled in PhD program in Materials Science and Engineering in August 2019

Alma mater: University of Hyderabad (UoH), India

- Integrated M.Sc (I.M.Sc) in Chemical Sciences 

Previous research experiences

a. Master’s project

- Inorganic materials for photovoltaic applications

- Under the guidance of Prof. K. Muralidharan, School of Chemistry, UoH

b. The Chennupati and Vidya Jagadish Endowment Fund short-term project

- At The Australian National University (ANU) in 2018 during May-July 2018

- Worked under the supervision of Prof. Hoe Tan at the Research School of Physics and Engineering, ANU  

- Studied the effect of InP nanopillar treatment on improving photoelectrochemical water splitting

c. Summer research internship

- Dr. Moloy Sarkar’s group at the School of Chemical Sciences

- At the National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneshwar, India during May-July 2017

 - Worked on studying the Forster resonance energy transfer between core-shell quantum dots and J-aggregates.

Current project: Towards50 project, which aims at studying different packaging materials and module architecture in order to increase PV module lifetimes to 50 years

Research interests: Solar cells, lamination, degradation studies