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Q-Lab offers outdoor exposure testing programs at their internationally recognized benchmark locations in Florida and Arizona. Weathering exposures at these sites are not only realistic, they are also accelerated.

The subtropical, sunny, humid, and warm conditions in Florida make it the ideal climate for testing the durability of materials in outdoor environments. Arizona's high levels of UV light and very hot temperatures make it the perfect location for testing exceptionally durable materials. Q-TRAC natural sunlight concentrator testing is also available in Arizona and results in an average of five times more UV light than is received in a similar time in Florida. Test services at both locations use a variety of specimen mounting and exposure techniques to meet a wide array of weathering and corrosion methods. 


Q-TRAC Natural Sunlight Concentrators.jpg Q-TRAC natural sunlight concentrators in Arizona use an array of 10 mirrors to reflect full-spectrum sunlight and concentrate it onto test specimens. They are extremely effective for highly durable materials.


Q-Lab Florida.jpg

 Florida is the internationally recognized benchmark location for outdoor expo­sure testing. Q-Lab Florida has more specimens on test than any other outdoor weathering facility in the world.


Q-Lab Arizona.jpg

High levels of UV and extremely high temperatures that make Arizona the ideal location for testing highly durable materials that may not fail elsewhere. Q-Lab Arizona ranks among the largest desert exposure facilities in the world.