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Pioneering Lifetime and Degradation Science and Technology Development

The SDLE Research Center at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is a world-class research center dedicated to data science and analytics applied to materials and energy science.

Established in 2011 by Professor Roger H French, the SDLE Center focuses on:

  • Lifetime and degradation science of solar photovoltaic (PV) materials, and other environmentally exposed, long lived (>25 years) technologies.
  • Accelerated laboratory and outdoor real-world exposures and evaluations of outdoor exposed technologies such as solar, led lighting and building envelope materials
  • Energy efficiency and virtual energy auditing of buildings, using engineering epidemiology and data analytics
  • Data-mining and statistical- and machine-learning applied to materials
  • Petabyte/Petaflop big data analytics applied to time-series, spectral and image datasets
  • Non-relational data warehousing and analytics environment for complex systems. 


SDLE Research Professor is lead author on a recent JVSTA paper

According to Timothy Peshek, formerly with NREL (now at CWRU) and lead author of the JVSTA paper, the researchers started out in 2009 trying to show that adding ZrO

SDLE Featured by Solar Power World

The SDLE Center at Case Western Reserve University was recently featured in a news story published by Solar Power World.  Watch the video here.

3M Company engages SDLE for 3 Year Research Project

The Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension (SDLE) Center is excited to announce the beginning of a 3 year sponsored research project funded by 3M Company.  The $480,000 project will focus on polymeric materials in products used outdoors and looking for ways to improve their durability by better understanding how and why they break down. 

SDLE's Tim Peshek is one of 10 in the world to receive funding through Google’s Little Box Challenge

Timothy Peshek, research assistant professor of Materials Science and Engineering who is part of the Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension Center, is one of just 10 researchers from around the world to receive funding through Google’s Little Box Challenge Academic Awards.