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CSZ Environmental Test Chambers


CSZ Environmental Test Chambers

Cincinnati Sub Zero manufactures a range of environmental test chambers (ETCs) that are capable of heat and humidity cycling over a wide range of temperatures, even with large heat loads in the chamber (from running equipment, e.g.). These chambers are capable of running a wide variety of standard test procedures as well as custom tests.

Two 3 cubic foot ETCs (MCHS-3)


One 8 cubic foot ETC (ZPH-8)


One Large ETC (SPHS-100)

  • Capacity of 10 full-size (1m x 1.6m) modules
  • Full IEC testing capabilities
  • Panels may be placed under external load

Two-module Full-sun HID Illumination within ETC

The SPHS-100 will also be outfitted with a full-sun HID lights rack that can be placed in the chamber, allowing for true multifactor testing of two solar panels. This allows the ability to devise custom, concurrent multi-factor tests, as well as qualification tests to compare different brands of module under aggressive conditions.