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Carolina Whitaker

Carolina is an undergraduate student at SDLE Center

- Enrolled in BS program in Computer Science in August 2018

Previous research experiences

a. Internship at Indiana University Purdue University in summer 2018

- Worked in the Bioelectronics lab under the supervision of Dr. Ken Yoshida

- Involved in configuring a device to read oscilloscope and multimeter values and also made custom 3D surgical tools

Current project: PERCdegr

Carolina is interested in electrical measurements of the solar panels and worked in the PERCdegr project. Her past project includes understanding how solar panel connectors degrade under accelerated degradation and recovering lost power. She is also working on a project involving crack propagations, under Dr. Jennifer Braid, and will be looking at image processing EL measurements.

Research interests: accelerated degradation, electroluminescence, electrical measurements


Awards and honors

a. SURES Scholar in summer 2019

- Awarded grant funding for summer research