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Benjamin Pierce

Benjamin is an undergraduate student at SDLE Center

- Enrolled in BS program in Computer Science in August 2017

Current project: Feature Extraction and Unsupervised Learning on Electroluminescence Images

Ben is interested in using machine learning to automatically quantize and classify modules which improves efficiency; he extracted local features as well as module-level features as well. In the past, he worked on quantifying the crystallization of AlN substrates through image processing techniques.

Research interests: machine learning, electroluminescence, data science

ORCID: 0000-0002-9080-4584


Personal website link:


- Karimi, Ahmad Maroof, Justin S Fada, Nicholas A Parrilla, Benjamin Pierce, Mehmet Koyutürk, Roger H French, and Jennifer L Braid. “Generalized and Mechanistic PV Module Performance Prediction from Computer Vision and Machine Learning on Electroluminescence Images.” IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 9. Submitted

- Pierce, Benjamin, Ahmad Maroof Karimi, Justin Fada, Nicholas Parrilla, J. L. Braid, Mehmet Koyuturk, and Roger French. 2019. “Feature Extraction/Machine Learning for Degradation Classification of Solar Modules.” Poster, CWRU SOURCE Intersections, August 2.

- Pierce, Benjamin, Ahmad Karimi, Laura Wilson, Andrew Loach, Sonoko Hamaya, Justin Fada, Masayosi Adachi, Hiroyuki Fukuyama, Roger H. French, and J.L.W. Carter. 2019. “Image Processing on Crystallization Growth of Rotating and Levitated Alloys.” Poster, 2019 CWRU/Tohoku Symposium on Data Science in Life Sciences and Engineering, August 5.

- M. Adachi, S. Sonoko, A. Kanbara, L. G. Wilson, B. G. Pierce, A. M. Karimi, R. H. French, J. L. W. Carter, H. Fukuyama, AlN growth behavior on Ni-Al liquid solutions, (2019).

Awards and honors

a. SURES Scholar

- Awarded grant funding for summer research

b. Choose Ohio First Awardee- Data Science Cohort

- Recognized for STEM skills and was awarded a scholarship for education in data science

c. Dean's High Honors

- From August 2017 onwards


a. Member of Association for Computing Machinery 

b. Member of CWRU Hacker Society

c. Selected for the Study Abroad Program in summer 2018

- Studied a semester abroad in Cape Town, Africa