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Alan Curran

Alan is a graduate student at SDLE Center

- Enrolled in PhD program in Materials Science and Engineering in August 2017

Alma mater: The Ohio State University

- BS in Materials Science (major), minor in Chemistry

Previous research experiences

a. Undergraduate research

- Studied corrosion behaviors of aircraft-grade Li-Al alloys

- Worked on SnO2 and ZnO-coated nanowire gas sensors during senior year

- Reworked existing LabView code to fit new project outlooks

Current project: PERCdegr, which focuses on indoor and outdoor exposure of PERC and Al-BSF modules with variations in packaging strategies

Alan also continues his initial work on time-series analysis of PV populations, branching into doing large scale comparisons between different evaluation methods and comparing results with other international groups to assess uncertainty in performance prediction

Research interests: data science, PV analysis, time-series data

ORCID: 0000-0002-4505-8359


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- Jennifer L. Braid, Alan J. Curran, Jing Sun, Eric J. Schneller, Justin S. Fada, Jiqi Liu, … Roger H. French. (2018). EL and I-V Correlation for Degradation of PERC vs. Al-BSF Commercial Modules in Accelerated Exposures. Presented at the WCPEC-7, Waikoloa, HI.

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- Menghong Wang, Xuan Ma, Wei-Heng Huang, Jiqi Liu, Alan J. Curran, Erdmut Schnabel, … Roger H. French. (2018). Evaluation of photovoltaic module performances using novel data-driven I -V feature extraction method and Suns-Voc from time-series I -V curve. In WCPEC07 Proceedings. IEEE.

- Curran, A. J., Zhang, R., Hu, Y., Haddadian, R., Braid, J. L., Peshek, T. J., & French, R. H. (2017, August). Determining the Power Rate of Change of 353 Solar Plant Inverters Using a Month-by-Month Analysis and Common Data Science Applications to Power Time Series. Poster presented at the Tohoku Data Symposium, CWRU.

- Alan J. Curran, Justin S. Fada, Ahmad Maroof Karimi, Rener Zhang, Lucas S. Fridman, Michael Choi, … Roger H. French. (2017, June). Module Level Exposure and Evaluation Test (MLEET) for Real-World & Laboratory-Based PV Modules: Common Data and Analytics for Quantitative Cross-Correlation and Validation. Poster Presentation presented at the Department of Energy SunShot Poster Crawl.

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- Huang, W.-H., Liu, J., Curran, A. J., Fada, J. S., Braid, J. L., Bruckman, L. S., & French, R. H. (2018, February). Network Structural Equation Modeling for Photovoltaic Modules Lifetime Performance in Real-World and Accelerated Exposures. Poster Presentation presented at the 2018 Engineers Week, Cleveland, OH USA.