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Newport 1-50x suns solar simulator


Two Newport Oriel Diverging Solar Simulators

These solar simulators use a 1.6kW xenon arc lamp to produce a continuous, diverging beam of light. One of our solar simulators is equipped with a concentrating lens to allow for a wider range of irradiances.

  • Full spectrum AM1.5D continuous exposure
  • Diverging beam provides variable irradiances at different working plane distances
  • Irradiances from 0.5 to 48 kW/m^2 (with 13x concentrator)

For context, total AM1.5D annual doses are:

  • 1 Sun             9.3 GJ/m^2/yr
  • 4 Suns           37.2 GJ/m^2/yr
  • 50 Suns         465.0 GJ/m^2/yr

Schematic of Newport Solar Simulator


Newport Solar Simulator Concentrating Lens